Sea Walker

Allow everyone to enjoy the marine life with minimum equipment and minimum fuss! If you are in holiday in the paradise, experiencing the beauty of underwater world could be a must. You do not even need any previous training or experience or even for you with the first experience in the ocean. You will be accompanied with well trained Sea Walker instructors at all times under water.

You can walk right on the bottom of the ocean and witness the sea life of all kinds. As a safe and exciting underwater adventure Sea Walker is a unique diving system providing an opportunity to observe the underwater world up to a depth of 15 feet without certification, and without getting your hair wet.

Participants actually walk on the bottom, rather than swim while numerous exotic fish and sea life surround them. Guest will have 20 minutes of actual underwater time to a maximum depth of 15 feet. A large, full face window in the Sea Walker helmet offers a close-up view of the amazing creatures from below.







After change into your swimsuit, then it’s off to Seawalker station,

it takes only 3 minutes from the beach.















Stay calm, our staffs will serve you well, and you don’t have to worry about anything!

Fresh air is constantly supplied from a hose to the helmet











You go down the stairs to the bottom of the sea while seeing the wild fish surrounding you.










Just walk in!
Our instructors will always accompany you during the activity.

Just relax and feel your closelyness to the nature












With our unique helmet design, you can get face-to-face with the sea-life and

be able to take a breathe the same as you do on the surface.

You do not even get your hair wet and also still can wear your glass or contact lenses.