True Village Life and Volcano Tour

(Full Day Tour with Lunch Included)

On goes to Bali is an experience, a journey of a life-time, to come face to face with a remarkable people, their customs and tradition, their beliefs, their hopes and their eternal search of peace. This journey takes you to the center of Bali, features Kintamani, the highlight of the trip, where a fresh-mountain air and a scenic view of the active Batur volcano could be enjoyed.

Begins with a morning performance of the Barong & Kris dance that’s telling a short episode of Mahabaratha epic at Batubulan village. Then head eastward to Bangli for the KEHEN TEMPLE, the second largest Royal family temple in the island, and nearby you’ll be fascinated with the traditional houses as you visit the traditional village Penglipuran to experience the way of life of the people. An archeological remains can be seen at Sebatu village with its Holy Spring temple dating from the 10th century and the picturesque rice-terraced surrounding the temple.


On your way up, stopping along the way made at Ubud village, famous for its painter’s community. It is a special place in many ways, has its own magic, its beautiful surrounding and gracious way of life have been drawn celebrities and artists from all over the world. Paddy fields and a huge Banyan tree create a picturesque setting for this cultural center.

Stopping along the way at the handicraft villages where you can witness the locals demonstrate their artistic talent, which produce the lovely hand-made batiks, gracious gold & silverware and the intricate wood carving.