Foot Massage

Take care of your feet with our Foot Massage service – Ancient healing through pressure therapy
Foot massage is a vital necessity for everyone! Feet, when manipulated through massage, can lead to a feeling of revitalization throughout your entire body. Cooped up in shoes and socks all day, the feet are often a very neglected part of the body. Benefits of a foot massage – reflexology session are many fold – calmness and serenity, improved circulation, improved lymph flow, increased energy, balanced emotion, detoxification, relaxation, homeostasis, a safe modality, and emotional release among many other benefits. A foot massage relieves stress, aches and pains, and lowers the chance of pain and back injury. Our foot massage technique invigorates tired, aching, and sore feet – leaving your feet fresh, attractive and tingling and feeling better all over.








Foot massage at Bali Hai consists of one full hour of attention to the feet, including reflexology. Foot Reflexology is the ancient Oriental method of applying pressure to points in the feet that correspond to individual parts of the body.

These foot reflexology techniques reduce stress and restore the natural flow of energy in the body.