Bidadari, Celuk Village, Kintamani, Bas Agro, Ubud Village

Full day Bali tour to Bidadari, Celuk village, Kintamani, BAS Agro and Ubud village is a more of a creative & informative tour. On this tour you can have a close look at the world famous art and creativity of Balinese people. At Bidari you can see the handmade Batik which is quite popular among Balinese people. You must have seem so many Balinese people wearing cloths made from Batik or so many other handicrafts as well which are made from Batik. This Batik art plays an important role in the Balinese tradition.
Next destination is Celuk village. It is also called as a silver village because of the UC silver and gold factory. Here you can see how Balinese people create the handmade ornaments from Gold and Silver. All these things made from silver and gold are kept in a building like a museum, you can also purchase these Balinese creativities if you like to.
What else can be more soothing than enjoying your lunch with a Volcano view from the gallery of restaurant… At Kintamani you can see one of the active volcano of Bali, Mount Batur. The view of lake next to Mount Batur is an add on to the scenic view.
On the way to Ubud from Kintamani is your next destination, BAS Agro. Here you can enjoy the most popular and expensive coffee in the world i.e. Luwak coffee. You can see the beautiful fields of coffee plantation as well here. We will offer you one cup of Balinese coffee or hot cocoa or ginger tea here for FREE OF COST.
The last destination of this tour is Ubud Village. Ubud is considered as one of the ancient village in Bali because of Ubud Palace where the Balinese royal families lived actually in the ancient times. This palace is conserved in the memories of those royal families and also as a Balinese ancient heritage. Ubud market is at a walking distance from Ubud palace after having a tour of this palace you can roam around the streets and the market and do some shopping.

The itinerary of day tour to Bali is as given below:
◉ Pickup from hotel or pre-decided pickup location
◉ Visit to Bidari – Handmade Batik.
◉ Visit to Celuk village – UC silver.
◉ Visit to Kintamani – Volcano view.
◉ Lunch at local restaurant.
◉ Visit to BAS Agro – FREE one cup of Balinese coffee/ Hot Cocoa / Ginger tea.
◉ Visit to Ubud village – Ubud Palace & Ubud market
◉ Drop to the hotel or drop location

Inclusions of the tour package:
◉ Transportation vehicles
◉ 1 bottle of mineral water
◉ One cup of Balinese coffee/ Hot cocoa/ Ginger tea
◉ Parking fees
◉ English speaking guides

Exclusion of the tour package:
◉ Lunch
◉ Dinner
◉ Entrance tickets
◉ Any personal expenses

NOTE: – You can get a package with lunch and dinner included. Cost with inclusions will be applicable for such packages. Or you can customize you own full day Bali tour package as well with the sightseeing’s of your choice. Fell free to ask your queries to our experts.