Surfing Class

School of Surf offers surf lessons from three locations in Bali, Indonesia. Surf lessons cover everything from beginner basic skills in paddling and turning, to reef surfing and advanced manoeuvres. Extreme tuition levels include tow-in and preparations for competition level surfing, including our team riders. If you are interested in the sport of surfing and want to find out information on learning to surf, waves, surf reports, surf videos, surfing equipment. surfboards and accessories then you have come to the right place.















Surf school provides surfing lessons for both the beginner level and intermediate level, the two and half hours spent on the beach and the first 15 minutes spent on the pool will differ based on your experience level group. It will be based on whether you fall in the intermediate level category or the beginners level category.


It is suitable for group of friends and families. You can also have chance to meet new friends to share your exciting surfing experience. With three students maximum supervised by one instructor, you will not have to worry, about not being to absorb all the lesson material, because our instructors will make sure you still have enough attention from the instructors so you can learn to surf quickly and efficiently. Due to the group lessons being a bigger size than a semi private group, the applied theory time for group surfing lesson may be slightly less compared to the time spent by the smaller surfing lesson.