Surabaya & East Java Day Tour One Day Trip

1. SURABAYA CITY TOUR (SUB 01) (03 HOURS) The tour starts with a visit to an old harbor featuring its bustling activities and traditional schooners or Pinishi, to see load and unload things. Then, House of Sampoerna, cigarettes museum to see hand rolling manually. Interesting Arab quarter with its typical atmosphere like in Mecca. The last, Surabaya zoo for interesting komodo and orang utan.

2. MIDNIGHT BROMO TOUR (SUB 02) (11 HOURS) The tour starts leaving from hotel at midnight for 03 hours drive to Cemorolawang Village (2300 m), the last village in Bromo area. Then continued by pony ride in the darkness of the early morning giving you’re the feeling riding into eternity, climbing up 245 stairs to reach the awesome rim crater for a wait beautiful sunrise come up (weather permitted), then back to Surabaya.

3. SAFARI PARK & TANGGULANGIN TOUR (SUB 03) (08 HOURS) | The tour starts with a visit to Safari Park in Prigen, 01 hours drive from Surabaya. To see the collection of animals from other continents, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Then, proceed to Tanggulangin, its famous for home leather industry and also have chance to see the way they make it. Then drive to Surabaya and on the way stop at Sidoarjo for shrimp crackers + Embroidery.

4. SURABAYA COUNTRYSIDE TOUR (SUB 04) (08 HOURS) A tour covering typical Javanese countryside, terraced rice fields and rural settlements and traditional irrigation system. Next light hike a tropical rain forest onto a spring temple dating back to 11th century. Local people believe that the water may rejuvenate our age. Walk down to Educational Environmental Center for a visit as well.