Shirodara Spa

Shirodara is one of the most popular treatment in Asian spas. Its purpose is to induce a feeling of absolute calmness and serenity but it also regarded as an anti aging treatment. Shirodara begins with a mind-soothing Indian head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to help melt away any tensions or stress. Your therapist will then massage and nurture the vital energy points to stimulate and energize the body system. Allow yourself to totally relax when a golden stream or specially blended, warmed medicated oil is poured continually over your third chakra (located in the center of your forehead), for twenty minutes. Shirodara is recommended for those suffering from low energy, insomnia, chronic headache, fatique, and stress
HERBAL RETREAT-.Indonesian people is familiar with Herbal, and is not possible they live without them. Long time before medical study is consisted Indonesian has already use herbal for treatment, up to now.Herbal Retreat using herbal traditional such as ginger, cinnamon, galangale, clove and etc. Wrapped by the cotton and steamed in enamelware (to maintain the warm), combined by massage movement, herbal will absorb into the body and functioned to eliminate fatigue and skin plague and swollen

-HOT STONE THERAPY-.Stone is used to change the finger. Using stone for massage and spa is familiar and tradition also to conduct mystical energy. Stone that has spiritual value is believed to inhale bad energy inside the body, together with aromaticessence is in the hand of professional masseur. The warmness of the stone that placed on the specific area of the body, the natural power of the stone will raise metabolism, replace dead cell, and function to decrease stress (relaxation)