Jogyakarta Day Tour One Day Trip

1. YOGYAKARTA CITY TOUR (YOG 01) (04 HOURS) The tour features a cultural itinerary covering Sultan palace, bird market and water castle, batik processing and silversmith at Kota Gede.

2. BOROBUDUR TEMPLE (YOG 02) (06 HOURS) Borobudur is reputedly as the grandeur of Buddhist monument in the world. It has 10 levels to pronounce the sacred number of Buddhist rituals and moral stories reflecting sculptured in the walls and balustrades. Visit also to Mendut Temple nearby

3. DIENG PLATEAU TOUR(YOG 03) (10 HOURS) Early morning drive via dramatic view of lush countryside, rural village settlements, terraced rice fields, curves of brown rich nutritional rivers, bamboo groves and magnificent landscape of Java island. In Dieng plateau visit to some oldest temples dated 5th century, active craters and colorful lakes

4. PRAMBANAN TOUR (YOG 04) (04 hours) Reputedly as the most elegance Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. Prambanan built in 9th century is dedicated to the ultimate work ship to the Siva, Visnu and Brahma. Visit also to nearby beautiful Sewu and Plaosan Buddhist Temples.