Batur Sunrise Trekking

It is once in a life time to experience the early trekking and admire the best sunrise on the Bali”s active Mt.Batur (1717 m above sea level) and Mt.Agung is the highest volcano in Bali.
Join us for this amazing trek on the active volcano, Mount Batur. Starting in the dark of the early morning, we’ll ascend to the highest peak and crater for a glorious sunrise and stunning morning views. While there we will breakfast on tea and eggs boiled in volcanic steam. During our descent, we will explore the three younger craters and the most recent lava flows while we take in the amazing volcanic landscape. Choose between our regular package, straight from your hotel to orientation, or a more leisurely experience with an overnight stay in the beautiful village of Toya Bungkah, famous for its volcanic hot springs!

Itinerary Batur sunrise:

02.00.Hotel pick-up,drive directly to starting point
03.00.Breakfast Banana Pancake with tea or coffee
04.00.From starting point about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mt.Batur accompanied by organization trekking guide
05.00.Stop will be made for short break and drinking water
06.15.Arrive at the peak of Mt.Batur,while waiting the sunrise a packed breakfast will be served with a special volcanic steamed eggs
07.00.Descend the path down to other crater,crater 2 & 3 and last crater erupted on the year of 2000
09.00.Arrive back on the shore of the Lake Batur,drive more further where a stop is made and get cool drink,pick fruitsfrom the trees,enjoy the fresh organic friuts.
10.00.Drive back to the hotel