Balinese Dancing & Music Lesson

Balinese Dance Lesson is an interesting experience and you will know how is the difficulty and unique of the Balinese Dance. The elastic movement is making this dance more beautiful to see and here you will be guided from the first step how to dance it. We encourage you enjoy the real experience to perform the beautiful dance during your holiday in Bali.

This lecture provides basic information concerning the traditional dance within the ritual context.Two of the most famous dancers in Bali will demonstrate the particular movements and the attending steps. Afterwards, the participants will given the opportunity to learn and practice the dance by themselves.









A nice sound and compact of Balinese Gamelan is very amazing. Here you will be teach with the foundation of Balinese Gamelan where most of them from the ‘Gending Rare’ (children song). The speed and the accurate of Balinese song are the point to learn the Balinese Gamelan. You will be guided by some professional and friendly staff to follow the instrument that you hit to make the sound more beautiful.

In this 3 hour workshop the group will learn about the history of gamelan, the use of gamelan in the village context, and a demonstration by master musicians and a demonstration by master musicians. The participants will then get an opportunity to play the instruments and learn to play a short piece.